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Why is outdoor massage a bad idea?

Well for a number of reasons but here are the top ten (all of these are true stories that have our therapists)

1. Too windy… can not possibly relax when you are fearful the sheet is going to literally  lift up and blow away and likewise when this occurs (on any given day in the Outer Banks) giving you the best massage possible is no ,longer the therapists highest priority protecting your modesty is.

2. Too Hot… is Summer people why would you want to lay there and sweat and likewise have your therapist drip sweat on you. OOOOOOOW!

3. Too cold… the spring and the fall the temp can change super fast we have had to pause to go into the house and grab extra blankets and also stop and get our jackets.

4. Too buggy…..this can happen for any reason….wind off the sound….your neighbors forgot to take out their trash….it is not very relaxing to have flies lighting on you and have your therapist swatting at you instead of massaging you.

5. Noisy neighbors……I once worked outside on an absolutely perfect day……..and every client I had was forced to endure a marathon game of Marco Polo going on next door that came with all the accoutrements of crying children, screaming parents and very loud accusations of cheating followed by heated discussions. LOL

6. Rain out of nowhere (covered deck leaked)……killed our sound system thank goodness this was when we used a $30 cd player not our iPad or smartphone.

7. Hecklers… would think that your friends and family even neighbors would be respectful when they see you receiving a massage…believe it or not this is not the case….it is actually human nature (we have all too often discovered) to be loud and sometimes directly obnoxious to person receiving the massage.

8. Voyeurs……believe it or not we have been driven inside numerous by neighbors literally watching very blatantly the massage sometimes more than one. Really?????Not Kidding!

9. Lack of privacy…..houses are close together out here when you decide to be outdoors you just invited not only your entire vacation party to your massage but all of your neighbors and for some houses everyone on the PUBLIC beach. There are no private beaches on the Outer Banks.

10. No wind at all……if your house is situated right there can be no wind at all not even a light breeze which in the Summer can be the equivalent to being in a sauna.

As I tell all of our clients the #1 goal is to give the most amazing massage in the most relaxing environment imaginable. You worked all year for this beach vacation and some of you have waited all year for this massage.  With our combined more than 60 years of experience in massage and the Outer Banks learn from our experiences and let us help you have the most relaxing vacation ever!

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